Our Method

The method PowerPlate
The Power Plate allows you to get great results with less effort.After years of research and development, the drive acceleration and Power Plate machines are now within reach of all who want to improve their look nice and targeted manner.

Only 15 minutes twice weekly note from actual results:

– Cellulite Reduction

– Improving your skin quality

– Reduction of body fat

– Increasing your muscle strength and your tone

– Increase in bone density

– Relaxing effect and stress reduction … this can change your life!

For sports:

– Increase in strength and muscle power

– Increasing speed and explosiveness

– Improving balance and stability

– Improving the flexibility and flexibility

– Reduction of tension in the joints and tendons

– Improving blood circulation

– Better fitness …

Personalized coaching, tailored to each program for optimum achievement of results.

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